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  • 6 Important Tips for Trading the Financial Markets

    Trading the financial markets can be a highly exhilarating experience; the rapid rise and fall in value of stocks has seen fortunes both gained and lost over the years, and will doubtless see the same in the future. In today’s globalised environment, traders have access to a wider range of trading opportunities than ever before; but that high level of accessibility comes with some potential pitfalls which it’s wise to be aware of. 1. If you’re looking for quick and easy profits, look elsewhere If trading were that simple, everyone…

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  • Dollar Hits Seven-Year High against Yen

    A strengthening US economy combined with a shaky Japanese financial climate has led to the Dollar reaching its highest level against the Yen since August 2007. A series of grim economic results have played a significant part in the Yen’s drop, and the Nikkei has strengthened considerably as a result of the Yen’s decline. The Inverse Correlation Between the Yen and the Nikkei Over the last month the Yen has dropped substantially against USD, going from a level of 1:106.405 on October 17th to 116.896 on November 18th. At the…

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  • Advantages of Forex Trading Online

    A Quick Guide to Trading Forex Online Forex trading can be overwhelming if you’re new to the concept, but it’s far less so once you have an understanding of how to trade Forex online, and the advantages of doing so. Trading Forex online has grown in popularity, for many reasons, and here at we strive to make the process as transparent and convenient as possible, helping to resolve any issues that budding traders may have before they venture into the world of online Forex trading. The international Forex market is…

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